A worker picks clingstone peaches in Greece. Most of the country's farms are small and family owned. Production costs can be high, and Greek farmers have had trouble competing internationally. Konstantinos Tsakalidis/Bloomberg via Getty Images hide caption

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Parallels - World News

For Greece's Farmers, Growing Pressure To Be More Competitive

Greece grows plenty of good agricultural products, but has trouble competing internationally. Many in Greece say it's time for the farm sector to modernize.

The sporting options in Finland are everywhere. Here, two people take advantage of the ice on Lake Hiidenvesi to get some exercise. Sami Uskela/Flickr hide caption

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Shots - Health News

How Finns Make Sports Part Of Everyday Life

In Finland, 90 percent of adults take part in sports or exercise at least twice a week. The Nordic nation far outpaces the U.S. in adult sports participation. Free and easy access to facilities helps.

LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers smiles during a game against the New York Knicks on Oct. 30, 2014 in Cleveland, Ohio. Jason Miller/Getty Images hide caption

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Monkey See

Why Do Sports Fans Love To Hate?

In Pop Culture Happy Hour's sports spinoff The Giant Foam Finger — or in this case, maybe, Middle Finger — Stephen Thompson and Gene Demby discuss the athletes people detest, and try to get at why.

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A cell at New York's Rikers Island jail. About 1,000 people die in American jails every year, and about a third of those are suicides. Seth Wenig/AP hide caption

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Around the Nation

The 'Shock of Confinement': The Grim Reality Of Suicide In Jail

About 1,000 people die in American jails every year and about a third of those are suicides. Jails often house people who've never been in legal trouble before, and it can have a traumatic effect.

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At sign-up events like this one in Los Angeles in 2013, Covered California pledged "affordability" in health insurance as one of its main selling points. Lucy Nicholson/Reuters/Landov hide caption

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Shots - Health News

California Health Insurance Exchange Keeps Rate Hikes Low — Again KQED

Premiums for plans in the Covered California marketplace will rise by an average 4 percent after years of double-digit increases — an "amazing achievement," a UCLA professor said.

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To selfie, or not to selfie? iStockphoto hide caption

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All Tech Considered

Narcissistic, Maybe. But Is There More To The Art Of The Selfie?

Some say selfies are a mark of our narcissistic culture. But what about a little photoshopping? Is this further evidence of our vanity — or a platform for our personal brand and self-expression?

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Courtney Barnett performs at the 2015 Newport Folk Festival. Adam Kissick for NPR hide caption

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Newport Folk Festival

Hear Courtney Barnett Perform At The Newport Folk Festival

If the Newport Folk crowd was scandalized by Bob Dylan going electric in 1965, they would've hated this Aussie's grungy, hard-rocking performance 50 years later.

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